Driving school transformation routine (2) insist on differentiated service innovation

2019-09-17 10:16:14 刘国琼 141

 The long-term accumulated driving school service and the students' expectations are seriously unequal. The service level of the entire driving and training industry has also been highly concerned and criticized by the society. Every day, we are shouting to transform the driving school, how to quickly change the concept, adhere to the student-centered, continuous innovation model, enhance the student experience, improve service levels, and stay away from the maliciously competitive Red Sea market and expand rapidly? And listen to me.

First of all, focus on promoting information services in the new situation.

With the development and widespread application of computer, network and communication technologies, the rapid development of mobile Internet, information technology has become an important guarantee for driving schools to achieve long-term sustainable development and improve market competition. Through the Internet means, the realization of online registration, online payment, network car, network evaluation and other information services, to provide students with convenient and fast quality services, is the key to achieving "curve overtaking" in driving school competition. How do students know about driving schools through the mobile Internet? It is also through the Internet and mobile Internet, such as WeChat, Weibo, Library, Q&A, Knowledge, Forum, Post Bar, etc. It provides emotional, interesting, useful, tasteful content and dry goods, as soft as possible, and long-term Go on.

Second, strengthen the standard service

In terms of enrollment, starting with the most basic smile service, 10086 and the bank are the best, because their smile does not need to use any feelings, no matter who they are, when they enter the door, they are mechanical smiles, and the body Slightly, you don't have to be nervous. They do this without brain thinking. The spinal cord is controlling this movement. What does it mean to say this? Are new students coming?

New students should sign up, improve service standards, simplify the process of registration and payment as much as possible, strengthen follow-up tracking, realize consultation, registration, and follow-up services. Some people ask, some people help to deal with problems, and have feedback. Don't underestimate these services. Each student is a sample and material. From the different students, you can find a lot of stories. If these students are representative, our services will have industry words and will quickly improve the reputation of driving schools.

In the teaching aspect, it is necessary to establish a set of comparative standardization and service norms through the supervision of the trainees, and incorporate the coaches into the assessment mechanism to create a good reputation for the driving school and truly promote the teaching.

Third, attention to detail services

The detailed service is to pay attention to people. This detail is done well, and it is necessary to save a lot of advertising fees. The level of service must also determine whether the driving school can be sustainable. Chengdu is clamoring to improve the service level, which is to do the details. A greeting, a smile, a message, a cold medicine, a cup of hot water, and a comfort are some small things that can be used to create emotions.

Here are two examples: When I was a soldier in the 65,532 troops in Liaoning, I was a civil servant at the logistics office. At that time, because I was from Hunan, my accent was not standard, and I needed a lot of communication at work. I first went to work for a week and felt that It is more difficult to communicate with some cadres in logistics, and naturally it is not to be seen. Some cadres are letting me go down (not suitable for the organization, to go to the company). On a snowy night, the director caught a cold, and went to sleep in the afternoon for an afternoon. At 8 o'clock in the evening, when I was cleaning up, I helped the director to warm up the water, and the director woke up. My first thing is to bring warm water to him and ask him if he is better? Have you taken any medicine? They are in their 40s, and they will take care of themselves. There is no drama here, just like the general greetings. The troops were very clean, and they were finished in less than 5 minutes. Then I flew out of the camp and knocked on the door of the dumpling aunt, let him give me a bowl of hot soup dumplings. Later, the director met and made a decision based on the speeches of some cadres, leaving me a small scorpion that was not eye-catching for the time being...

The second example, we have done a service for our own customers, before writing a Shenzhen heavy rain Yancheng delivery express that is not a thing, not enough strength to read. Another one, recently we have customized a CAN bus wire for accessing new energy electric vehicles. There are about 28 PIN pins with debug interface, CAN interface, Bluetooth interface, RFID interface, and antenna interface at the other end. The interface is relatively simple, just use the imported ones. Here the bread has some custom interfaces, the custom interface can be a little troublesome, determine the mold size, equipment size and harness definition, wire proofing and debugging docking. This is an afternoon for the sample line, ensuring the signal, voltage, Projects such as current are all up to standard, allowing customers and us to track the whole process for time-shared projects. This example does not go out of my mind. I will understand the story. Luo Fat’s New Year’s speech is not a “friend of time”. You can read it from another angle. Time is a friend. How much time do I take up, your relationship with me? How many friends are there, what three years of grinding, and five years of loss, we all have a few friends and friends, right? How much time do you take between each other?

Pull back, driving training is the same. As the driving school, the frequency and depth of communication between you and the trainees determine the relationship between the driving school and the trainees. How much time does it take for the trainees to understand him and how much service is provided according to the specific situation of the trainees? Whether the student agrees and will spread it. Oral talk, "remember to help us drive the school to introduce Ha", such a correct nonsense, do not believe.

The current supply and demand reversal, the big environment is difficult to recover, the industry has negative public opinion, this is a good time to sharpen the knife, differentiated services, can make the driving school go more stable and longer.

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