New energy electric vehicle JAC IEV5 application time sharing solution

2019-09-13 01:37:15 速锐得科技 208

The JAC Iev5, which is widely used in the time-sharing industry, is perfectly adapted to the time-of-day rental operation through the TBOX. It can be installed in a break-free manner. Users can open the time-sharing app or use the RFID technology to enjoy the time-sharing service. The video is on-site. The computer controls the car ECU to unlock and lock, monitor the state of the car key, and control the car's power through instructions to lock the car's power, prevent the time-shared user APP from returning to the car after the car is returned. Finally, the mobile phone controls the car door. Lock, the operation process is to open the time-sharing mobile phone APP, click to unlock, time-share rental car TBOX execution instructions, time-share rental operating platform to issue unlocks through instructions, the car performs actions.

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