Driving school transformation routine (1) adhere to branded market operations

2019-09-17 10:26:06 刘国琼 167

2017 is a crucial year for national industrial transformation. With the promulgation of the "Opinions on Promoting the Reform of Motor Vehicle Drivers' Training Examination System", the Ministry of Public Security 139 and the Ministry of Transport's series of reform policies are gradually being implemented, coupled with the rapid development. The Internet + training model has brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the development of driving schools.

I am in charge of the market in the company, and I have been learning from the teachers in the automotive industry. I usually swear a few words. I hope that there will be such a useful one that can be promoted to the industry. The driving culture industry is a serious homogenization industry. The development of driving schools depends on market size, policies, personal abilities of managers, and personal connections in the short term. It is also effective in the short term, but there will be difficulties in supporting the driving school in the long-term. Branded operation can be one of the important means for a lot of driving schools to achieve breakthrough in the market competition. We take two steps, one to create the current profit, and the second to shape the brand for a long time.

The driving industry must solve the current profits. Enrollment is the first step and the foundation of driving school development. The improvement of market channels and the contribution of various channels directly determine the enrollment performance of the driving and training institutions. Without the driving school of the trainees, it is a stagnant pool. At present, the enrollment channels of driving schools mainly focus on advertising enrollment, agency enrollment, store enrollment, coach enrollment, etc. The new Internet model is emerging. The mobile service, the student friend circle, the student community activities can be used as brand operation. A key point.

The era of "the wine is not afraid of the deep alley" has long passed. If you want to quickly open up the situation in the homogenization of the driving and training market, you must establish a modern, unified and standardized enterprise identification system, which will form obvious differences and differences with the peers. Not only can we clearly know the brand of driving school, but also through other word-of-mouth communication, we can achieve a sense of identity in the heart. The students come to the driving school to be touched by the service, and they can better agree with the driving philosophy of driving school. This has the brand communication and enrollment growth of driving school. Important positive role.

The essence of brand building in the long run is to create a competitive product system. As a driving school, we understand the market demand, guided by market demand, according to the actual situation of different trainees, provide differentiated services in the certification cycle, training time, transportation services, etc., customize some VIP classes, double breaks, free The local squad to pick up and drop off, with optional coaches, independent appointments, time training, first-school payment and other services, form a perfect product and price system, perfectly solve the various demands of the students, and classify the follow-up students according to different needs. Classes are bound to increase the size and market share of driving schools.

At present, the driving school students are mostly students aged 25-35. They are very interested in the understanding of science and technology, reaching more than 87%. That means that the technological reform of driving school can also increase the amount of gold, and the test simulation system for driving school driving training. Clearly tell the students how to use the simulation system, can help them correct which errors, plus mobile APP questions, WeChat appointments, community communication, difficult answers and other services to form a driving school service system.

Brand formation is a long process. Whether it is a new driving school or an old fritter, it is necessary to pay attention to its own brand building. According to its own products and services, it is positioned at the stage of its own development, the current operating conditions, extensive market research and analysis, and targeted investment. It is not difficult to make a solid brand. Are you getting it?

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