The National Intelligent Networking Car Annual Conference has said something about it.

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The halving policy ended on schedule on December 31, 2016. In the past few days, I went to Infiniti and Hyundai to test Infiniti, which was not so loose last month. After the halving policy, the customer traffic in the store was reduced by 2/3. This cliff-like slippage, the comrades responsible for sales in the 4S store said that they had to take a holiday!

In the modern 4S store, everyone is preparing for the Spring Festival, and it is expected that a new wave of prize pools may have been filled in advance. According to the staff, the purchase of the last year has been basically bought, and if you don’t buy it, you will have various problems. One is that the license number has not been shaken, and the second is in the follow-up. Picking up the car first to take a face-to-face, consumers who buy a car simply talk about the intention, and the proportion of coming back from the store door is less than 25%, which means that the customer churn rate is huge, plus the change in the purchase tax policy, Laba Gang However, there is no doubt that it is a bit of a scent.

Last year, the government reports of the two national conferences proposed a customized "Internet" action plan to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. On July 13, 2016, the Guizhou delegation went to Korea to conduct economic and trade exchanges and inspected Korea Trade, Hyundai Motor, and SK Group. Beijing Hyundai is one of the more slippery companies in big data, and established its own in Guizhou. The Big Data Center has signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with the Guizhou Provincial Government for big data construction.

The automobile industry is huge, and there are almost two trillion dollars in the whole vehicle in the world. It does not include long-tail insurance, service, maintenance, maintenance, and so on. After-market service is built around the needs of consumers, from buying new cars to car maintenance, to auto parts, to various car services, and then to used cars, forming a complete consumer-oriented Or use the car as a clue or a value chain with other services as a clue. If this value chain is Internetized, it may not be the heavy work that a giant can make. The sensory identification technology, data acquisition technology, mobile communication, smart network, big data service, etc. will all appear in the fancy giants.

In the era of sharing economy, the application of time-sharing and car rental in the automotive field, such as joint sharing and Yiwei car rental, enabled the Internet to be more displayed and enlarged. Mobike and OFO bicycles were launched in major cities across the country, accelerating the business model. Innovation and change in traditional “private property”. In the sharing economy, whether it is equipment, automobiles, knowledge, people, and different resources, we will grow together under the trend of Internet technology.

 Automotive intelligent network is an innovative process, and innovation has been raised to the national strategy. The past has been from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and all countries in the world exist. The purpose of innovation is mainly to save energy, to enjoy the current service with the original cost of 1/10 or 1/6 of the cost. China's automobile volume is huge, and the innovation results can be enjoyed by most people.

  Although we have passed the first year after another (how do I feel that it is a pit year), from 0 to 1, from 1 to various N, it takes a long time to summarize the factors affecting the innovation of intelligent network vehicles. There are several major categories. First, from the OEM, there are no giants, such as BMW, GM, Ford, Daimler, Toyota, Volkswagen, Fiat, Nissan, Honda, etc., each holding their own standard gameplay and Unique technology and manufacturing advantages, it is almost impossible to unify new standards in the next few decades. Second, consumers have been completely subdivided. Like star worship, users of various automobile brands have formed various types. Usage habits, such as car brand loyalty, fuel economy, maintenance costs, space, off-road performance, acceleration, etc., will subdivide users into different scenarios; third, the process of car intelligence is uneven, despite the rapid development of automotive technology, However, it takes 3-5 years for intelligent products to enter the car. In the 3-5 years, the technological changes are too fast, there are many uncertain factors, and the difficulty of innovation increases. Fourth, the state supervision The structure is complex, and the policy factors such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Communications, and the Ministry of Finance have a greater impact; the fifth is the patent protection of international advanced technology research results, which puts higher requirements on technology research and development, and the development of new technologies has lengthened time; It is a high cost for the verification, inspection cycle and equipment resources that the innovative intelligent network products need to pass.

 At present, the economy has entered a new normal. There are many shortcomings in the innovation of intelligent network. Only by discovering value and creating value for customers in the market can we truly reflect our own value and have the value of existence. There is more than one way to break through. The automotive intelligent network has a long-term adjustment process, and accelerates the development of a diversified, personalized, customized "excellent experience", to achieve "precision conversion" in order to survive the "big environment" that I am not very optimistic about 2017-2018


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