Intelligent network development car development and vehicle terminal development trends are here

2019-09-17 10:31:29 速锐得科技 328

Intelligent network development car development and vehicle terminal development trends are here

Yes, I came to Shanghai to participate in the Auto Space "Capital Power, Pilot Innovation - 2017 International Intelligent Network White Paper Launching Conference".

Auto Space is the first innovation platform for “incubation + consulting + investment bank + investment” in the vertical field of automobiles. It is committed to promoting the subversive innovation of the automotive industry from research and development, manufacturing, marketing and travel.

The event was attended by investment consulting, electric vehicle technology development, controller system development, banking, industrial park management, international exhibitions, electronic components, industry associations, automobile city management, operators, innovative startups, etc. Convergence, and the launch of the International Smart Network White Paper, is of great significance. He announced the important technological advancement of China's intelligent networked vehicles, promoted the deep cooperation in the field of intelligent network standards, and promoted the promotion and application of autonomous driving technology development and commercialization.

Looking back at 2016, it is the beginning of the implementation of the new automobile policy, and it is also the key to the start of the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the transformation of the automobile industry and the innovation and development of enterprises. It is also the year with the most relevant policies for the release of automobiles. There are many important points in the transformation of automobile strategy. ADAS technology, intelligent robots, vehicle terminals, and sensing modules all reflect the important point of user-oriented, and open up more space for enterprise value-added.

It is expected that new energy vehicles will become mainstream products in 2028, and the automotive industry will initially realize electrification transformation. Intelligent network technology will produce a series of original scientific and technological achievements, and will be effectively popularized and used. The technology innovation system is basically mature, and the continuous innovation capability has international Competitiveness.

In the event, they demonstrated their progress in intelligent network technology through different pilot projects, conferences and guest demo videos. An important goal of the automotive industry in the next 10 years is to achieve full automatic driving without driver intervention. Intelligent network connection has become an important part of V2V.

We are the industry's leading embedded CAN bus application research and development company. It is the importer of automotive data and the data demand of the future automotive industry. It covers 95% of the automotive bus data adaptation, and has customized many different sets for the industry customers. The solution is applied to official vehicles, new energy electric vehicles, time-sharing, hybrid electric vehicles, group vehicles, big data collection, first aid and police vehicle scheduling, smart driving test and other industries.

I discussed the value of the car terminal from the perspective of the terminal's sense of value, hard work, innovation and diversification.

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