New energy vehicles have a good policy, and new energy vehicles can be booming.

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New energy vehicles have a good policy, and new energy vehicles can be booming.

With the concept of foreign environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the international crude oil price supply is tight, the living environment is raging, and there is a favorable policy in the country. The automobile oil price is becoming more and more popular, and the petrol license is issued in limited quantities.

Most developed countries have increased their R&D and investment in new energy vehicle technologies to replace petroleum-fueled vehicles. Major automobile manufacturers such as GM, Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota, etc. have adopted different new energy policies based on actual conditions and successfully developed. A number of new energy concept cars and application vehicles have put some mature technologies and models on the market to achieve mass production.

Domestically, BYD, SAIC, JAC, BAIC, Chery and other large OEMs led the drive, such as BYD E5, Jianghuai Iev4, Iev5, Beiqi EV series, etc. Since the new energy is so hot, we have to distinguish the concept, the family Members include: Electric Vehicles (EV), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV), Gas Vehicles (GV), Biofuel Vehicles (Biological) Fuel Vehicles, BFV) and other types.

This morning, the first brand of new energy vehicles in Shandong was issued in Jinan City. The license plate number was Lu AD11111, and the number plate was the latest gradient green. The owner of the number plate, Mr. Wang, drove a pure electric motor from Jianghuai. Of course, some friends said that the number plate is the color of the cabbage, commonly known as the money. Of course, the follow-up should also introduce a series of parking management discounts, highway travel discounts and so on.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued more than 40 policies on the energy crisis, environmental crisis and traffic crisis brought about by the rising cars. The new regulations also pointed out that on January 1, 2017, all new energy vehicles newly installed will be equipped with TBOX terminals. The enterprise monitoring platform detects and manages the safety status of the entire vehicle and key systems. The enterprise inspection platform is completed and the docking test is completed with the national platform. The newly declared “Announcement” model should complete the vehicle terminal connection enterprise platform, and then connect to the national platform for data transmission testing, and complete the data transmission test before April 1, 2017.


The popularization and application of new energy vehicles will further enhance the demand for intelligent network equipment. Compared with traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles are more dependent on the communication between vehicle technology networks, vehicles and remote network systems. Vehicle owners need to remotely master charging piles, etc. Public facilities, car location and working conditions, electrical conditions.

To this end, the network platform needs to collect more information and report it to the national data platform. The data collection must be connected to the CAN bus of the car, and it is necessary to avoid the safety design of the broken line. Let us take a look at the demonstration of BYD E5 RFID electric car timeshare lease. The car door lock can be opened remotely through the TCP network, and the close distance can also be realized by RFID technology.


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