Hyundai is building a car network big data center

2019-09-16 18:36:04 刘国琼 201

Hyundai is building a car network big data center


Hyundai Motor will establish its first big data center in Guizhou in Guizhou, leading the digital transformation and leading the Internet of Vehicles technology.

Hyundai Motor is the best in the domestic market. Big data is the core element of the information center. We have repeatedly said that the application of big data in cars has not been timely and has become a distant and unreachable dream.

Hyundai has already seen this method, starting from the test drive, collecting the original car data through the vehicle TBOX, first pushing it in the 4S Group, integrating the collection and analysis of information, providing important data support for improving product competitiveness, marketing and business decision-making. . A long time ago, Hyundai Motor released the development strategy and basic direction of the car network, which is intended to open the era of “Car to life” in car life. To this end, Hyundai Motor has increased investment in talents and R&D, and promoted the core technology of car networking. Software platform on Connected Car.


At the invitation of Beijing Hyundai Headquarters in September, Supreme Technology participated in the development of vehicle TBOX equipment, mainly collecting GPS, VIN, total mileage, key status, vehicle speed, speed, fuel consumption, fault code and other information, applied to more than 800 in modern times. 4S shop group test drive vehicle management system. The user test harness data collected by the system can analyze and identify the hot spots of all modern models in various places, user driving behavior, test drive frequency and feedback on car control. Based on these data, Hyundai Motor will develop new models based on these data. Adopting different promotion strategies and vehicle sales scheduling has greatly improved the accurate delivery of the market and reduced the cost of automobile transportation logistics.


Hyundai Motor also said that it will not only cooperate with global IT companies in the Big Data Special Zone, but also strive to seek cooperation from China's outstanding IT companies and make positive contributions to China's automotive information technology.

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