There are so many shared charging treasures that users are not enough!

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There are so many shared charging treasures that users are not enough!

First, we are in an era of no sharing, no economy

How to save an umbrella factory, basketball factory, garment factory, mobile power supply... then ask for a "shared" life-saving charm! Put the stock of umbrellas, basketball, clothing, mobile power on the RGB color, it is not possible to mix and brush, put it on the street. Soon, these manufacturers on the verge of bankruptcy turned into industry unicorns, financing, roadshows, market capitalization of billions, the unit must also be the dollar, the dollar, the dollar...

With this charm, the inventory of the corners of the factory has become the economy and the economy.

Our wave of innovation is calculated on an annual basis, such as O2O in 2013, P2P in 2014, Internet+ in 2015, VR in 2016, shared economy in 2017, autonomous driving in 2018, driverless driving in 2019 , 2020 flying car, Mars immigration in 2021, super artificial intelligence in 2022, I don't know in 2023, anyway, there will be a word that can be tossed around to toss cute.

If the Internet + has a little technical content, you need Internet platform + data to improve efficiency and reduce costs, then sharing + is relatively simple, you count the mobile phone screen sharing mobile APP application, this threshold has appeared to fall to all ventures Anyone can take a small step.

Second, whether sharing charging treasure improves efficiency

Of course, this round is pushed to the vent of the shared charging treasure, the hot momentum is no less than sharing bicycles, both of which are hardware leases. I have come to my mind ten years ago. I went to the roadside store to rent CDs with my classmates. (Note: I love Jin Yong and Jackie Chan series.) I should have a shared CD today, scan code-registration-payment-loan, except Different products, business processes and shared charging treasures are exactly the same, but still can not stop the ruthless crushing of video sites. There are still some differences between shared charging treasures and optical discs. As far as charging technology is concerned, it is still a high threshold. It can be charged anywhere, either with a plug or with a mobile power supply. There is no good solution.

Manufacturers who can do mobile power are generally big companies, and there is no way to compare them to CDs. In terms of news financing, street power has melted 300 million, Hi Power has taken A round of nearly 100 million, and small power has taken 350 million. Take the throne of the highest financing. Some people earn it when they earn, and some will take the neon lights on the stage.

At present, the mobile power supply is close to 2 billion units, and there are still more than 1.4 billion mobile phone users. One of them is charged at home and one is carried with me. Of course, many people see this as another angle of cut. Xiaodian has prepared the capacity of 100,000 desktop chargers per day. Calling Technology has also prepared 3,000 sets of monthly large cabinets, 50,000 small cabinets and 30-50 million desktops. Taking the population of 11.9 million in Shenzhen as an example, this last few seconds of problems will surely occur: the temporary dilemma of mobile phones: I often borrow a charging treasure from the high-speed rail station to the beauty next door. If I look at the eyes, she If you don't ask me to borrow, I will ask her. But is this temporary sporadic demand sufficient to support such a large market?

According to the capacity and speed of the previous paragraph, it only takes one year. The shared charging treasure of the entire “shared charging treasure” industry avatar market can quickly break through 100 million units, according to the cost of unit price, cabinet, and charging treasure. And operating costs, it is also a billion-dollar market, um, yes, correct, burn down the billion-dollar market.


We put 100 million sets of charging treasures in the shopping malls, cafes, KTVs and restaurants to charge. According to the electricity distribution of the merchants, there are plans and implementation plans. Otherwise, I still can't charge electricity. Complain once and add a service point. Faced with competition from peers and crowding out opponents in various cities, I have also accelerated the layout speed, upgrading from a hundred cities to a million cities, increasing the circulation rate, increasing the reuse rate, and reducing manufacturing costs by mass production. Use money to reduce the cost of a single use, if you do, I will do charity!

Sharing the charging treasure not only does not improve the efficiency of product use, but creates more idle resources. The more points you shop, the lower the product usage rate. Do not believe that you are going to investigate and draw curves.


Third, my friend asked if it is worth investing?

This issue has certainly undergone a heated discussion in the field of shared bicycles, just like the words of Confucianism in the past. However, with the entry of capital institutions such as Sequoia and Tencent, whether the “shared field” is worth investing, the scale of financing that has already been triumphant has been left behind.

Sharing the charging treasure naturally repeats such steps. It took less than a year from the previous "I don't understand", "Too heavy assets" to the founder's mobile phone. We see that the power of capital is getting heavier and the role of users is getting lighter. Investors and our CEOs are beginning to focus on market size, financial models, channel monopolies, and more.

But we believe that to make the corresponding changes in the business model, we don't need so many bells and gimmicks and new concepts. We return to the essence of business and ask ourselves three questions: 1. You are really solving real customer problems. What? 2. Using technology and platform to build differentiation, which step have we taken? 3. Is your profit model reliable?

Fourth, talk about shared cars

As a pre-loading car, the pursuit of superior user experience and differentiation is an important goal of their continuous improvement. How to make the icy car through creative ideas, so that users feel the caring and enthusiasm brought by the car enterprise for the user experience design, the car factory has done more in-depth thinking, we participated in the research and application development of many pre-installed projects.

In the rear-mounted model adaptation, the industry has also encountered a roadblock, but Thread has created the myth of the CAN protocol development to adapt to a car for 2 hours, for the car manufacturers, especially the joint venture car follow-up big data, user operations, intelligence Networking, connected driving and intelligent multimedia system development have invested a lot of time to study.

Intelligence is the way to win, the same research and development, leading is the way of thinking. Early in the sharing of cars, I realized that the combination of the car and the Internet required a complete "transport gateway" to open up the two. To solve the problem, users can't spend a lot of money to buy a car's temporary use scene, and the good cars that run are basically running on the road.

On the technology and platform, the performance has been more mature, and the user habits will be slowly cultivated. Compared with the shared charging treasure, this "understandable" and "heavier assets" are already in the siege, plus the aura of policy. Every family is beginning to slowly expand.

The success of sharing bicycles began a wave of fancy sharing. Sharing bicycles is not enough colors. Sharing charging treasures is not enough for users. At first, everyone found that there is surplus capacity. Later, there is no surplus, it doesn’t matter, we Make the rest to share.

On the 18th of this month, I participated in the "Smart Vehicle Development Forum" in Luoyang Park, Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, and discussed the following topics:

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