The commercial value of big data open cloud platform of car-net is highly anticipated

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As a branch and an important part of the Internet of Things, the Internet of Vehicles is not only optimistic about the industry, but also attracts a large number of cross-border enterprises.

Whether it is around the layout of its own vehicle resources, terminal channels, cloud platforms, traffic management, or the advantages of intelligent hardware and social network construction, the Internet of Vehicles can play its role in innovative and integrated resources, in the automotive after-service, insurance, The petroleum and petrochemical industries have set off a business transformation; in the construction of smart cities and smart transportation, they have taken the first-mover advantage.

Enterprises that take the lead in building platform scale advantages will be favored by venture capital institutions. As an early company involved in car networking, the car network has gone through the previous period of technology accumulation and user precipitation, as well as the car network business model trial and error stage, with a complete car network system solution and millions of active car network users Become a leading company in the domestic car networking industry.

Recently, in the “Car Link No Borders·Data Wins the Future” 2016 Driving Map World Data Conference held in Chongqing Grand, the value and business opportunities of the Internet of Vehicles Big Data have won the favor of various industry giants. Huake Finance signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the driver's car network site, and more than 300 merchants collectively signed the car networking ecosystem to promote the development of the car networking industry and build a more competitive car networking ecosystem.

Driving a car network to get 1 billion credits, cross-border cooperation to create big business opportunities

According to public information, the driving network was established in 2008. It is an innovative enterprise that focuses on promoting the intelligent ecological development of the Internet of Vehicles. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights and invention patents.

With the advantages of in-vehicle intelligent terminals and smart car networking platforms, third-party services and content providers are continuously introduced, and entry platforms are built through in-vehicle intelligent terminals to obtain user data. The intelligent open cloud platform of the driving cart has built a comprehensive ecological service for insurance, finance, vehicle management, automobile maintenance, illegal treatment and oil products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Automotive lifecycle service chain.

At the conference, Huake Finance indicated that it will provide professional consulting and services for driving carts in the areas of investment and financing, financial data utilization, financial market development, etc., and provide financing credit of not less than 1 billion yuan to the driving cart network. . The marriage of capital and driving map has consolidated the brand position and first-mover advantage of the driving car network in the industry.

Huake Financing and driving plans will strengthen the cooperation and achieve strategic cooperation. We will accelerate the comprehensive construction and prosperity of the car networking ecosystem through the use of their respective advantageous resources, promote the deep integration of financial enterprises and IT information enterprises, and jointly improve operational capabilities and expansion. Market scale, expansion of economic benefits, and thus achieve market synergy and win-win.

The open platform of the Internet of Vehicles has been affirmed

Based on the 2.0 big data open platform of the Internet of Vehicles, the driving map has achieved scale in the cross-border industries such as 4S, post-service, insurance and tourism, and has been verified by commercial value. Many successful business cases have attracted the attention of many businesses.

"Our mission is to transport the driving data network big data, storage capacity, computing power, development support services, like water, electricity, coal to the automotive after-service companies and insurance companies that need, care for and promote the car networking industry. , intelligent transportation, information services, petroleum and petrochemical, media and other car networking data demand side. Open the data to more companies to create value for users, data will play a real meaning." Drivers car network open platform related person in charge Road.

At the World Data Conference, Sinopec Guangdong Petroleum Branch, Jiangxi Jiatu Network Technology Service Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xiaojiao Automobile Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd., China United Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Auto Insurance Innovation Center and other representatives of the company, and driving car Network signing.

Many guests signed a letter of intent for alliance business cooperation with the driving car network to build a car network ecosystem business alliance to create big business opportunities. The driving cart network will integrate resources with merchants, improve resource conversion rate, optimize internal hierarchical structure, improve the efficiency of inter-institutional collaborative work, build a cooperative and win-win ecological environment, and establish an industry model benchmark.

Today, in the cold winter of capital, venture capital institutions tend to be more inclined to enterprises with clear profit prospects. The driving network of the car has won the favor of professional venture capital, which is not only the recognition of the unique development mode of the driving car network, but also makes people See huge opportunities in the field of car networking.

With the continuous surge of the national "Internet +" wave, the car networking industry will emerge more and more industry myths, and even more industries will infiltrate. Venture capital may be more and more rational, but for entrepreneurs who are working hard on projects, as long as the entrepreneurial direction and profit model can withstand the test, "cold winter" is the perfect way for small and medium-sized enterprises to collect sand, accumulate energy, and turn them into butterflies. opportunity.

With the improvement of capital power, the pace of driving the car network will be more stable and powerful. The driving network will show that it will aim at the open platform. In accordance with the established strategic guidelines, we will deepen the market, expand the territory, and continue to promote the development of the car networking ecosystem. Open up the scene of “car-to-people, car and car, people and platform” and connect people and vehicles to create a 2.0 big data era in the Internet of Vehicles, and promote value verification, scale-based and resource integration based on big data.

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