The smart network car will no longer be a cold iron sheet

2019-09-16 18:20:24 刘国琼 146

The smart network car will no longer be a cold iron sheet


The networked car is a car equipped with an Internet access device, and the lowest is a wireless LAN, such as a car MIFI. Such a car allows users to share equipment outside the car and access the Internet, and of course, GPS, which is an early industry form based on positioning and network services.

After the 2010 production, the networked cars have built-in a central control device, such as speeding alarm reminders, car entertainment, security alarms and so on. This has led to music playback, navigation, road rescue, such as body control and remote diagnosis, which must be ranked after 2013, before the Anjixing, G-book and so on often appear in various articles .

Around November 2013, the Network Auto Show launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show as an open forum to provide participants with opportunities to interact with key members and influencers and the media to create the future of the networked car. In order to solve the problems faced by enterprises in the market.


In January 2014, Android Auto provided a way for Android phones to connect to vehicle infotainment systems. In April, Apple announced the new Carplay system, which enables IOS7 systems to be connected via a dedicated lighting interface. The car infotainment unit, fundamentally speaking, is an egg, FM has long been there, listening to music with an SD card! Regardless of the smart phone trend, from entertainment to death, they are in the right direction. Because more and more connected cars, especially the Tesla electric cars, the app can interact with the car at any distance. At the end of 2014, BMW introduced connected driving. In 15 years, Volkswagen also launched smart driving related applications, covering most imported models. They provide users with convenient car-seeking functions, remote control of car flashing whistle, remote unlocking of their car, checking the condition of the battery, or TBOX like a Thread to a car manufacturer, can be remotely activated according to the ignition timing and Control the car.

In the past two years, the intelligent network car has been full of tricks, automatic collision avoidance tips, voice control, intelligent driving and driverless, and flying cars brushed the interface of my circle of friends. Although Netcom has a variety of market drivers, in the past few years, there have been barriers to its development. Many services of Internet companies are free. For this reason, users are not willing to pay more for embedded connection methods, resulting in slower revenues after the products are spent on developing funds. Secondly, the OEMs are embedded in integrated smartphones in the short term. To meet the customer's demand for connectivity, such as the installation of the car TBOX, and the service is basically free, even like CS95 proposed lifetime free, then as a car manufacturer, the development of such network technology will not give too much cost support. It will only slow down the development of intelligent network.

In this ecosystem, automakers and tier1 will provide their own digital services in mobility management, travel, entertainment and smart home technologies, such as: Bosch and TOMTOM establish a partnership, car Daxie 28 acquires Nokia electronic map, Mercedes Enter the fleet management service based on telematics and so on.


Technology companies will shift their business areas to key digital platforms within the control network, such as IBM and Continental, all-in-one mobile car solutions, Uber providing mobile services...

Various institutions will promote the development of networked vehicles, formulate regulations and policies for all kinds of networked vehicles, and build a 5G vehicle networking network platform; the underlying technology vendors and service providers will aim at the smallest market and give full play to their own advantages in R&D and innovation. To serve the above ecology. The new ecology optimizes the business models of automobile maintenance, finance, insurance, transportation, transportation, travel, traditional industries and consumers to gain new value. It also includes user operations under the brand. Once it touches the users, it will be released again. Their power of fortune.

The intelligent networked car is a smart car with distinctive cross-border integration characteristics. It has become the most important innovation carrier in the process of transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. For the time being, we understand it as an intelligent, network-based car based on artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, big data, etc. The follow-up is a robot that can walk and accompany users, whether it is heaven or earth, it is no longer A cold piece of iron, it depends on who is in front.

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