Thread intelligent electronic information TBOX use in exchange for social energy savings

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Thread TBOX has always been facing the "data" of moving in the future. It is different for different people from different perspectives. Thread will regard TBOX as a "connector" for data and intelligence. Through high-speed 4G network, and future 5G and IOT, all information will be shared, and travel and surrounding ecology can be carried out in intelligent transportation, smart parks and smart spots. connect them.

For the mobile Internet, 5G and IOT, it should have been an inseparable whole. As before, Toyota announced that it will invest 600 million US dollars in the travel platform giant of China, and set up a new joint venture to expand and drop in China. Cooperation. This has accelerated the trend of automakers to extend the value chain, that is, automakers launch their own car service, or platform companies such as Didi cooperate with automakers (torrents), and automakers offer companies like Didi. Travel service development special-purpose vehicles, the platform company that travels to improve the operation and management of automobile assets for car companies.

Toyota introduced Toyota Connect a few years ago to expand its capabilities in data management and data service development.Thread has the world's foremost bus technology. In 2014, it provided BMW with a full remote reverse control TBOX. In 15 years, it provided the vehicle control strategy DBC for the China Automotive Research Center. In recent years, the rise of new energy vehicles has helped the domestic market. Some travel companies develop mobile “data” TBOX terminals for various brand models, and cooperate with multiple platform companies to become the data center of global business, adopt distributed independent computing, and will support a series of control functions and bus data acquisition. Provided to consumers, travel companies, leasing companies and government services.

Thread TBOX can learn telematics services from the user's driving habits and preferences, to insurance pricing models that respond to actual driving patterns, to connected vehicle networks that can share road conditions and traffic information; and, at the same time, technology development and data analysis departments Provided a range of data services for consumers, travel, leasing companies and the government, including the ongoing research on heavy-duty trucks, diesel, six-line online environmental monitoring, OBD, driving and driving test sharing electronic coaching robots, and the Huawei Research Institute's automated driving program. stand by

Thread has provided shared car rentals and time-sharing TBOX to China Didi, U-dirve and Silicon Valley LIME to understand the operation of millions of vehicles on the platform, track their driving speed and drive Distance and traffic jam time, power consumption and energy consumption. TBOX is installed in these vehicles to obtain data on driving patterns that are critical to the company's entry into the emerging “mobile as a service” and “map and road improvement” areas.

For data collection, in addition to the self-collected data of the car companies, only the travel service platform company has high-quality, wide-ranging road driving data. The data collected by the car companies is limited to the brand models, the data is limited, and the travel service platform company can With a lot of data collected by cars, TBOX is the key to connecting car manufacturers with the travel platform.

Since 2011, Thread has been collecting car data through the CAN bus and has cooperated with taxi companies and travel platforms including China Didi, U-dirve, and Silicon Valley LIME, and has already served millions of vehicles. The model involves more than 160 models of more than 2,000 models of the car brand, and realizes remote control of door locks, power, sound and light search.

"There are data about cars, and data about services - how the driver's trajectory is, how much mileage is used for each ignition, and where the vehicles used are concentrated." This is very valuable for travel platform operators.

The travel platform will use this data to collaborate on data-driven services such as vehicle diagnostics and customized insurance plans based on driver usage, which will also help travel operations improve fleet maintenance efficiency; for travel platforms The addition of automakers can also make up for the lack of vehicle technology. Cooperation with car companies or “torrents” will maintain the 'driver's stickiness' of these travel platforms and reduce the risk of drivers turning to competitors.

At the point of "data", Thread has to work hard. In addition to cooperating with a number of travel service platforms, Thread has also been deeply customized with the travel platform this year, combining the connected vehicle data of Xing Energy pure electric vehicles and the IoT data of the logistics platform for domestic urban logistics distribution to optimize the logistics industry. Vehicle dispatching, leasing and other services.

These cars are also equipped with three different TBOXs:

1, sharing car TBOX

Thread uses distributed computing, and the shared car TBOX can be compatible with all models that have been adapted to achieve vehicle operating data acquisition and remote control of door locks, power, flashing lights, and whistling.

2. New energy logistics vehicle TBOX

TBOX terminal and logistics platform system are perfectly combined to realize time acquisition, positioning, track query and playback remote opening and closing power, total mileage, SOC, total voltage, total current and vehicle speed and other information acquisition and control functions.

3, Guoliu Online Testing TBOX According to the national environmental emission requirements of heavy-duty diesel vehicles of 3.5 tons or more, the data of nitrogen oxides emitted by OBD emissions from heavy trucks are collected through 4G network.

Accelerator's in-vehicle equipment adopts a custom or national standard platform interactive transmission protocol, which can specify an IP address or domain name, transfer data to a specific designated mobile service platform address, and develop specific business logic and data analysis capabilities. Car maintenance support and safe driving guidance; also through the data acquisition based on mobile services such as car sharing, "back-feeding" platform intelligent dispatch center, big data center and auto finance services.

The 4G cellular network module is the information infrastructure that Thread has to connect to the car. Thread has been equipped with in-vehicle data 4G communication modules in all its production equipment since 2016. Recently, Thread is planning a 5G network standard TBOX, which will be combined with IOT depth to create an interactive center between the car and the environment.

The TBOX device is the core entrance to the entire program for each car. The device has been previously connected to a large number of taxi fleets, and the platform-based artificial intelligence dispatch system more accurately locates the car and maximizes scheduling efficiency and energy consumption.

At the same time, Thread's deeply customized TBOX will collect GPS data, video, photos, steering angle, speed, turn signals and other vehicle data to help Huawei improve various data-based algorithms such as ADAS and autopilot

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