​ Driving school transformation routine (3) adhere to refined internal control management

2019-09-17 10:13:31 刘国琼 109

This is the last article about the transformation of the driving school. Later, I will continue to write some personal understandings based on the development of the driving industry.

The grandson has been stunned: the good players are making a move! How to perceive opportunities and risks in the era of change, change the trend, take advantage of the trend, and strive for a stable layout, which will ultimately determine whether we are the transcendence of the corner or the surpassed. At present, the competition in the driving school market is fierce, the fees brought by the price war are decreasing, and the labor and schooling costs are increasing year by year. The driving school has already entered the era of low profit. In such a big environment, driving schools really need to be bigger and stronger, they must implement refined management, increase management efficiency and increase profit margins through efficient internal control measures.

1. Create a professional team like 10086

In the traditional social cognition, relative to other industries, the driving school team, especially the coach team, is more disorderly. Therefore, building a professional staff team is the basis for improving the internal management level of driving schools.

The so-called "professionalization" is professional service skills, professional work images, professional work attitudes and professional work ethics. As a manager, the driving school requires the staff not only to be familiar with the driving training and examination business, but also to maintain a good personal image. At the same time, it must have a positive working attitude and a high degree of recognition of the unit culture. , the conscious maintenance of the unit brand image. Nowadays, under the Internet culture, although it is not necessary to dress uniformly, as a driving school, it is dare to show up the work card and dare to undertake the service. In the eyes of the other party, the label of “professional” will be left, which is very important because of the professionalism of driving and training.

2. From institutional management to cultural management

When it comes to the system, there may be more and more households on the wall, less implementation, institutional management focusing on constraints, and obvious rigidity. There are certain limitations. Everyone calls it the so-called "sectors." The system cannot take into account the complex aspects of human nature. This requires cultural management to expand the non-institutional factors of management and “soft constraints” on employees. Drivers' school managers should pay attention to the precipitation and accumulation of culture in the development process, gradually form a corporate culture with their own characteristics, and enhance the team's cohesiveness and execution through corporate culture construction.

Cultural transformation does not come out of thin air, he needs special opportunities and driving force.

Take a self-example, from the original production-oriented company to the service enterprise. In the original car network and just emerging, we are providing our own standardized OBD products to meet most of the needs; later, BMW's needs, custom development of remote control car TBOX, we began to analyze the car CAN bus data Services and applications, followed by the acquisition and development of CAN protocol for more customers, we only provide products, we also provide products and services at the same time, now basically based on services, which also enhances their own Service level and ability. At the end of 2014, we are also targeting the competition of the Internet of Vehicles. We will choose and reposition ourselves from the strategy of what we will do in the next ten years. We are the automotive bus application service providers.

3. Strengthen data management and cost control

For driving school operators, to develop the habit of data management, we must find out the problems and deficiencies in daily management through data analysis, and facilitate the opening and closing of expenditures. Cost management is the eternal theme of enterprise management. For driving school management, it is necessary to strictly control various expenses such as salary, rent, hydropower and oil and gas consumption, and establish an early warning mechanism to ensure that all expenditures are within the controllable range. These can be applied to the four major tools of the Blue Ocean Strategy – eliminating, reducing, increasing, and creating. In the vernacular Chinese, what products and services are most needed by us or our customers, and the opponents have such a thing, then we have to add a little more, do more, deeper, competitors did not do, we will add in, The outdated products and services are eliminated, and it is not a reduction in the element that the customer needs.

4. Strengthen target management and process

The team's work efficiency directly determines the Threadand quality of driving school development. Therefore, driving school operators should establish a full-person target management system in daily management, and determine the monthly and quarterly work targets of each management level and each business module through task decomposition. Value, regularly review the implementation process, and strive to achieve full control of the results and processes, thereby improving overall performance. It is best to have obvious data indicators, such as market share, time cost savings and labor costs, dare to open up, find their own advantages, show them to potential students and new students, and help them to avoid weaknesses, just like I often do. The sentence I said to my friend: Although my salary is low, I have more white hair. Although my food is poor, I work overtime...

Although the current macro-policy and market environment changes in the driving and training industry have brought certain challenges to the development of driving schools, as long as our vast driving school operators can follow the market rules and change their development ideas, they will be able to turn the crisis into opportunities and fully open. A new situation in the development of China's driving industry.

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