The bad thing in the Internet of Vehicles industry is our opportunity.

2019-09-16 18:27:06 刘国琼 147

Over the past 30 years, a large number of entrepreneurs have emerged in China. Most of them are trading arbitrage, which is good at discovering and capturing market opportunities. I have been honest since childhood, my dad often said to me, you have to be bold outside, don’t see people can’t speak, the former work unit is sitting in the office, now go out and listen to others, you will pick up The sleeves are just fine.


Yes, it’s really not easy. I haven’t been here for a long time to chat with everyone through the text. Last time, a friend left me to write about the Yuanzheng, driving map, Tencent car network, and later gave up. I am very sorry, I have not stared at these peers. Although everyone has similarities in the field of car networking, the path is completely different.


The country's economy and science and technology are developing very rapidly, and the market is very mature. There are actually not many opportunities left in the field of car networking. There are still very few that can still be supported by courage. We are heading towards an economic track of L traits, which can be seen from stocks, real estate and policies. Can we get out of the bottom? It seems to be easy, and the fallen entrepreneurs have told us that it is impossible.


The car networking industry has entered a chaotic world. What is chaos? Chaos is an intermediate stage in the transition from one order to another. For example, the big guys often talk about PPT on the stage, what is the 1.0-2.0-3.0 ghost thing, they are talking about these in the process of losing order, need to find these new order, the new one from the new version of PPT Business opportunities, I haven't written PPT for a long time, and many of my peers are also following the post, not learning the mentality of writing PPT, writing it as an advertisement, nothing to look at.


The future world is a world where all things are connected, artificial intelligence is everywhere, all our products and services will be intelligent, and also include the cars we are riding now. To be smart, technology is not the biggest obstacle, and subsequent artificial intelligence will become a general technical service. Is Google likely to open up later? What really challenges everyone is how to use new ideas to face the needs of customers, re-examine their own business, processes and even comprehensive transformation and innovation.

The vents of the Internet of Vehicles have not been closed, and industry demand has always existed, but it has not been met. To become intelligent, the first step is to complete the online business of the core business and the softwareization of all the business process services. Then, the bottom layer will accumulate live data and interact with consumers in real time.

Recently, Alibaba took the shot, the automotive electronics industry for manufacturers, HUD, central control car, super driving recorder, a new generation of smart rearview mirrors can be equipped with Alibaba Cloud OS system, Ali directly linked the car from the cloud. Baidu's Carlife is half-dead, and Tencent's WeDrive has not achieved good results through brand licensing, Jingdong channels, and data import. In the context of the Internet, data is decision-making, and decision-making naturally produces data. Ali has a good time. Tencent started from people, Ali started from the machine, and Ali seized the opportunity.

In the Internet age, the center of all product design is people. I remember a company called "A Tear". They developed a carton that could be opened in just 3 seconds without tape, turning the ordinary courier box into a screaming product. The other is the time-sharing lease of the car network. As the operation and management of the car TBOX, there are two types of installation modes, one is the traditional positioning terminal using the wiring method, and the other is the wiring-free way represented by the Thread technology. The two types have produced huge differences, and they have formed two completely different results from safety, stability, reliability, labor cost and efficiency. Both of these examples are innovations in people-centric products and services.

The relationship between the enterprise and the customer is a long-term relationship. The operation of the project needs to provide the whole process of service. The construction of the enterprise and the reputation is also a long-distance marathon. Therefore, the car networking industry must have its own natural laws. Let’s take it slowly. Look at the outside world and focus on your own pace.

The Internet of Vehicles has always been innovative, because there are no good business cases to learn and imitate. It is often unsuccessful to think that success is successful. In the future, we will encounter and talk about various robotic eras that exist only in science fiction and have human intelligence. You will know that you are still no one else. Therefore, from the start of business, you must be light and profitable, and win-win with stakeholders. Depending on the customer, you should first become an adult.

The things that are afraid will come sooner or later. We will think about it with reverse thinking. Just when he has already arrived, it is our chance to solve these things that they are not doing well!

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