The correct posture of the development of the automobile industry "curve overtaking"

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The correct posture of the development of the automobile industry "curve overtaking"

The domestic automobile industry has developed for more than 60 years. From scratch, from small to large, whether it is joint venture, market-for-technology, or independent innovation, it has achieved relatively good achievements, but traditional cars still have some foreign cars in some core technologies. There are gaps in industrialized countries.

We have passed the Chinese auto industry in the barbaric growth period, and under the wave of the new normal of China's economy, we started our own journey of 2.0. For the domestic automobile industry, which is not very strong, this is destined to be a process of reconstruction, restructuring and reshaping. Under this key guise, the birth of new automobile technology gives us a rare opportunity for development in the automotive industry. Both the depot and Daxie have proposed to achieve "curve overtaking" under this round of automobile industry revolution.

 Overtaking is not a problem of "turning a foot of oil". It may be more than gone. It is possible that the steering wheel is still scared. We still have to face up to the technological gap between inside and outside, and know ourselves and ourselves.

 In the United States, it is still the world's largest technology powerhouse, and Silicon Valley has also gathered the world's outstanding science and technology workers and outstanding technology companies. Under the "National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing" proposed by the United States, the United States has achieved amazing results in automotive innovation technology, such as ADAS, 3D printing body technology, new material batteries, etc. Compared to China, we are in Shenzhen. Those innovations seem to feel a little behind, but there have also been many courage to compete with international research companies for benchmarking products and companies, but the auto-driving cars of companies such as Google and Tesla have already taken to the streets. A friend of Tsinghua Unisplendant is driving a "tribal conflict."

 In Europe, Germany took the lead in proposing that "Industry 4.0" has achieved certain results in car-vehicle entertainment systems and control panels. Japan and South Korea have already started related plans, and Hyundai Motor has also obtained the US highway auto-driving license... The world's automobile industry is surging, indicating a major revolution in the development of intelligent vehicles. In today's world industrial revolution, the wave of the Internet (the wave) is sweeping, it is especially important to identify the direction and select the technical route.

Faced with these situations, domestic car companies are also chasing after. Daxie FAW, proposed to 2025 to achieve a general automation from the general driving performance to advanced automation; Beiqi hopes to achieve high-intelligent mid-level cars successfully to the market by 2030 through the efforts of 5 years; SAIC plans 2020 Launched a driverless car that can travel on highways, highways, etc., Changan Automobile also proposed its own smart car development line, as well as the Internet, Baidu, LeTV...

Today, the Internet has brought about changes in people's lives. The traditional industries and industries have undergone major changes in the transition to intelligence. In the automotive sector, the transition from traditional technology to intelligence is also taking place, most notably autopilot, in-vehicle interconnection systems, 3D printed bodywork and more.

 At the policy level, the “13th Five-Year Plan for Automotive Industry Development Planning” sets targets for intelligent networked vehicles, focusing on the collection and organization of information materials to guide and guide the research and development of technology. With the increasing influence of smart cars on all aspects of society, in addition to traditional car companies, more and more Internet companies have joined the research of smart cars.

 New technology solutions are driving the future of Netcom's solutions, which are the leader in automotive positioning, multimedia, and automotive infotainment systems and connectivity technologies optimized for automobiles. People want to enjoy the same networking experience as in the car, and hope to put their favorite applications and reference programs in the car system, and connect the network to achieve the operation of including user health and car health, and use voice will Will experience better! For example, Bosch has released a motorcycle electronic control unit (ECU) that can connect the driver's mobile phone and motorcycle's in-vehicle system via Bluetooth or “vehicle control unit”. The engine management system equipped with the control unit will allow the connected smartphone to be used as a reading device, to inform the driver of the condition information maintenance information, to provide a log for reading and storing the vehicle information, including the fuel information, the roll angle, and the traveling speed. And mileage, etc. Smartphone smart is activated and launched by the user's mobile phone, which will effectively avoid three... you know!

 And I, is the owner of this "car control unit"! The car connection network becomes a two-way channel. Some models can transmit some information to the driver through the smart phone, remotely check the tire pressure of the vehicle or remotely open and close the door lock, etc., and can also detect the geographical location information after the collision. It can also be used as a mobile phone or PAD to provide a personalized networking function for drivers to download frequently used applications. Ultimately, individual in-vehicle applications can be connected together and ultimately interact with other aspects of the driver's life.

 For example, video, we will send some data to the BMW car through the computer, which can make BMW car flash lights, remote control similar to the lift window, will appear in our mobile phone.

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